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Lobtro aims to break boundaries with new and innovative solutions to brands and companies. Chester Mudau, Lobtro (pty) Ltd

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Experience sound and simplicity

Lobtro Pty Ltd is a conceptual and experiential consulting agency established in 2017 directed by Chester Mudau. It is one of the top agencies aiming to give the best of what our clients expect. Our focus is on delivering world class work, fast and efficiently within clients budget.


We can be relied upon to do what is expected of us, fulfilling every promise we have made without exception.


Truthfulness and moral standing define our very essence, compelling us to act justly and with integrity.

Chester Mudau


Tshepo Zwane

Sales/Web Content Administrator

Tswarello Mabotja




We offer strategic services that can help grow corporate and personal brands, Our team is constantly taking advantage of the internet, Social media platforms and embed creative elements to bring about quality and characteristic which makes your brand special and unique.


Lobtro Hosts exclusive, professional and casual event setting to clients in order to suite their guests needs. We provide our door host service to commercial establishments, events and bars as well as private gatherings, and keep you customers coming back for more..


- In-store Activations
- Malls and centre courts
- Expos and Exhibitions
- Road and Trade Shows
- Campus and Youth Marketing
- Blitz Activations
- Production and Media Launches
- Sporting events

Sound and Stage Hire

Our concerts and events remain memorable and professional long after they took place. Rather safe than sorry, Lobtro Sound becomes apart of the production from every aspect and therefore ensures a smooth product controlled and assembled exactly the way the client want it

Our Works

We are an established and trusted web agency with a reputation for commitment and high integrity

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